About Us

Submariner was started as a project, to manufacture and design clothing entirely within the British Isles.
Our simple ambition set out to use only ethical and sustainable suppliers to better maintain our supply chain.
We wanted to ensure that people who manufactured for us were paid a fair wage, and where possible we would try to hand make items.
Screen printing is done as locally as 5 miles away and hand sewing within 30 miles. We  also felt if people wanted to buy and wear clothes in the UK and were environmentally minded they would seek to wear products that were sustainable and long lasting.
By producing knitwear that lasts, oil skins that work and premium quality fabrics throughout all our products, we ensure our brand has longevity.
Inspired by our seafaring heritage and the dark Atlantic we call home, our clothes reflect our history and needs of coastal living,  
drawing inspiration from the rugged and wild coastline of North Devon.
As we continue to grow and develop  we welcome all feedback